Meet the Judges

We are proud of our judges. This page is updated regularly. Come back and check it out from time to time.

Many judge for us regularly, each year and at other awards. Many will be new. 

All our judges apply to judge. This commitment is vital to the credibility of awards and to ensuring a balanced and independent approach.

Judges are selected based on their experience and qualification. We aim to have large panels of independent businessmen and women, enabling us to allocate a reasonable number of entries to each judge to ensure that the evaluation is thorough.

Edward Croft Baker

Managing Partner

Kat Smart

Customer Service Manager

Kathryn Simons

Customer Centricty Specialist EMEAR

Ash Cripps

Service Quality Manager

Yvette Wise

Sales Director

Jean-Francois Damais

Chief research Officer, Ipsos Loyalty

Michelle Ansell

Managing Partner

Rob Ettridge

Partner/ Director, Client Services

Stewart Pattinson


Gordon Rimmer

Director of Marketing

Virginia Monk

Managing Director

Peter Ainley-Walker


Emma Wardle

Director, Customer Service and Complaints

Stephen Hewett

Founding Director, Adviser & Creator of NetCNS.

Maggie Colman

Training Director

Hina Sharma

Head of communication - Europe

Michelle Peel


Mark Walton

Vice President, Europe